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About us

The history of Csipet Salty Sticks and Pretzel Manufacturer goes back to 1992. By now, the company has become absolute market leader in the market of salty sticks and salty pretzels.

The manufacturing plant located in the town of Túrkeve was established in 2004and by now the entire production has been moved here and manufacturing is taking place on a surface of over 1500 m2, employing nearly 100 employees.

Salty sticks are produced by using traditional cutting technology.The snacks produced by using this technology with their flavour and texture are perfectly matching the Hungarian taste.


Salty sticks
Salty sticks
Salty sticks with chilli
Salty sticks with chilli
Spelt salty sticks
Spelt salty sticks
Organic spelt <br>salty sticks
Organic spelt
salty sticks
Salty pretzels
Salty pretzels
Organic spelt<br>salty pretzels
Organic spelt
salty pretzels
Long sesame seed<br>salt sticks
Long sesame seed
salt sticks
Salty <br>long sticks
long sticks

Healthy diet and snacking at the same time

The Organic spelt salty sticks és and Organic spelt salty pretzels are our own organic products. Spelt wheat contains a lot more useful nutrients, than traditional wheats and the used cane sugar puts less stress on the human body and is a lot healthier than white sugar, furthermore it is rich in minerals and micro-nutrients.

Both products were awarded the necessary Hungarian and European Union certificates certifying that the manufacturing of the salty sticks is performed in compliance with the standards.

What are the advantages of eating ORGANIC products?

Own branded salty sticks and salty pretzels

Our plants are producing majority of the own branded salty sticks and
salty pretzels of the large Hungarian food industry chains.


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